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Be Part of the Solution to the Cyber Skills Shortage.
1 Million Open and Unfilled Cyber Positions in 2016. Cyber job growth is on the rise.

Here Are the 4 Simple Steps You Will Complete To Earn Your Cyber Teacher Certificate and 8 Hours of CEU Credit

Preview NSA Day of Cyber in Student Mode

View the NSA Day of Cyber online cybersecurity career exploration and simulation experience as a student. This lets you test drive and fully understand the student-facing experience before running it in class with your students.

Run NSA Day of Cyber with your Students in the Classroom

Have your Students register for and complete the NSA Day of Cyber online cybersecurity career exploration and simulation experience in the classroom. Your LifeJourney Instructor Dashboard gives you the simple tools you need to invite students to this engaging self-contained and self-paced student experience.

Take the Cyber Teacher Journey

Find out how instructors are using the LifeJourney platform to help students connect classwork to challenging, high-paying, in-demand careers in cybersecurity. You can launch the Cyber Teacher Journey from within your LifeJourney Instructor Dashboard.

Complete the Fundamentals of Cyber Online Learning Course

The Fundamentals of Cyber course utilizes a revolutionary online adaptive learning platform to help you master information quickly and recall it when it counts. Click "Start Learning" on this step to redeem a corporate-funded scholarship for Cyber Teacher. Promo code holders can enter a promo code on Step 4.

"Every computer science teacher should learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity. This certificate is an excellent place for teachers to begin that journey, especially with the advent of our corporate-funded scholarships. With no cost to you and highly relevant professional development, it's a win-win."

Mark Nelson Executive Director, Computer Science Teachers Association

What You Get With The Cyber Teacher Certificate Professional Development Program

    Professional certificate by

    The leading professional association
    of K-12 computer science educators

  • Professional Development Certificate issued by the Computer Science Teachers Association confirming that you have developed mastery in the classroom as a cyber teacher, helping solve the nation's cyber skills crisis by inspiring students to pursue tomorrow's emerging, challenging, in-demand and high-paying careers in cyber.
  • 8 Clock Hours of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Your documented CEUs are endorsed by the Computer Science Teachers Association, the recognized leader in offering current and relevant professional development content for computer science teachers.
  • Training and Mastery of "Fundamentals of Cyber", a six-hour course delivered via our revolutionary online adaptive learning platform.
  • Online cybersecurity mentorship
    experience powered by

    The leader in cybersecurity and STEM online
    career exploration and simulation

  • Mapping of the Cyber Innovation Center's cyber curriculum to mentors in the LifeJourney NSA Day of Cyber Initiative. The Cyber Teacher Certificate professional development program works in tandem with LifeJourney's NSA Day of Cyber, a national initiative to address the cyber skills crisis and raise the "Cyber IQ" of the nation. The NSA Day of Cyber is an online cybersecurity mentorship experience for teachers to run with students in the classroom and is powered by leading corporations and government agencies who provide their cybersecurity leaders to become role models to the the nation's students. Extending your cybersecurity lesson plans beyond the NSA Day of Cyber classroom experience is easy. Each mentor in the NSA Day of Cyber is matched with corresponding lessons in the Cyber Innovation Center's curriculum so you can teach skills necessary for students to pursue the careers of these inspiring mentors.
  • Membership in the
    Cyber Teacher Association

  • Ability to take the Cyber Teacher Journey, see how other cyber teachers are utilizing NSA Day of Cyber and their cyber teacher training in the classroom.
  • Membership in the Cyber Teacher Association, the most important new teacher association for educators united to create the cyber generation. Enjoy membership and collaboration in a community of your cyber teacher peers.


Corporate-Funded Scholarships from the nation's Leading CISOs are now available that let you complete the Cyber Teacher Certificate professional development program with no cost to you.

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) at the nation's leading companies are organizing to fund scholarships for Cyber Teacher professional development to address the nation's cyber skills gap and help teachers prepare their students for opportunities in this fast-growing area of our economy.

To redeem a corporate-funded scholarship, simply complete registration, activate your LifeJourney account and log into your LifeJourney Instructor Dashboard. You can redeem a corporate-funded scholarship when you click the "Start Learning" button within the Cyber Teacher area of the Instructor Dashboard and proceed to the Fundamentals of Cyber online adaptive learning course.

Solving the Cyber Skills Gap

Recently Forbes published a forecast that there will be 1 Million open and unfilled cyber security positions available by the end of 2016. Demand for cybersecurity professionals is growing 12 times faster than the overall job market and more than three times faster than IT jobs, according to a study by analytics firm Burning Glass International. The need for cyber skills and talent is critical for our nation. With recent breaches at Sony, Target and other organizations, cybersecurity is no longer only a government problem - it's a societal threat.

Your Students' Interest In Cybersecurity Is Surging - Support It

Did you know 1 in 4 millennials is interested in a career in cybersecurity - a higher level of interest than young adults have in becoming a doctor or a Wall Street analyst? This was a key finding on millennials' career aspirations recently published in statistical survey research commissioned by Raytheon. In addition, millennials' interest in working in cybersecurity has surged 40% compared to just one year ago. Another index of students' excitement about cyber is their rapidly growing participation in cyber competitions. Participation in the largest event, CyberPatriot, the Air Force Association's national high school cyber defense competition, jumped over the past five years from 9 participating teams in 2009 to 3,379 participating teams in 2015 with over 19,000 students.

"I love being part of the Cyber class at my school. We discuss cyber situations in the news, learn fundamentals of cybersecurity every day, and best of all one of our teams placed in the national finals of Cyber Patriot, the largest national cyber competition for high schools with over 3000 teams and 19,000 students."

Colin Lagator
Senior at Loyola Blakefield High School
Towson, MD

Cybersecurity excites your students. They want to understand what cyber attacks are and how to combat them. They want to learn what cyber situations occur within companies and government agencies and discuss them. Unfortunately, millennials report that their exposure to cyber in school has been poor. 64% say their educational institution did not have courses that would allow them to explore their interest or learn more about cyber, according to the Raytheon- sponsored study. Now you can change that for the better.

Be The First Teacher At Your School To Teach Cybersecurity - Advance Your Career

Now you can lead the initiative to launch cyber science at your school. By gaining mastery in teaching cybersecurity in the classroom, you distinguish yourself and your school in a pioneering way that can win well-deserved recognition and career advancement for you and accolades for your school. This is especially true if you have your students participate in cyber competitions. Getting started is easy with the Cyber Teacher Certificate offered by CSTA.

Whether you teach computer science, math, technology, English, or economics, cyber is relevant to your students and your specialization.

"Cybersecurity is the modern equivalent of the space race. The need for the development of a cyber generation is impacting culture and education in much the same way the space race did in the 1960's. Cyber technology is the new alphabet and is now the base foundation for so many digital opportunities for the future."

Robert Rodriguez Chairman and Founder of SINET

For Your School, For Your Community, For Your Nation

When you increase the relevance and currency of computer science, math, English and other cyber-related subjects in your school by teaching cyber science, you help your school, your community and your nation. Your nation benefits from an enhanced ability to address the cyber skills crisis. Your community benefits from economic development. Increasing its pool of young adults on track to become cyber professionals is attractive to industry. Exposing students to in-demand, high-paying cyber career paths increases opportunity for all including underserved segments of the student population.

The Most Relevant Certificate To Enable The Cyber Generation

The Cyber Teacher Certificate is issued by the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA), the world's leading professional association of K-12 computer science educators, and powered by LifeJourney, the recognized leader in cybersecurity online career exploration and simulation in the classroom. Cyber Teacher is the first and only cybersecurity professional development credential for educators created expressly to help teachers like you fill the cyber skills gap.