Australia Needs You!
Our Nation Needs More Cyber Security Teachers.

Help secure Australia's future by guiding your students to exciting Cyber careers!
The Cyber Teacher Certificate Program offers industry-funded scholarships for Cyber Teacher professional learning at no cost to you or your school.

Be Part of the Solution to the Cyber Skills Shortage.
Thousands of open and unfilled cyber positions in . Cyber job growth is on the rise.

What You Get With The Cyber Teacher Certificate Program

Online cyber security mentorship
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The leader in cyber security and STEM online
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  • Professional Learning Certificate, confirms that you have developed mastery in the classroom as a cyber teacher, helping to solve our nation's cyber skills crisis by inspiring students to pursue tomorrow's emerging, challenging, in-demand and high-paying careers in cyber.
  • Training and Mastery of "Fundamentals of Cyber", a six-hour course delivered via our revolutionary and user-friendly adaptive learning platform.
  • Cyber Teacher Journey, illustrates how other Cyber Teachers are utilising the Optus Cyber Security Experience and best practice Cyber teaching methods in the classroom.


Sponsors are providing the scholarships to let teachers complete the Cyber Teacher Certificate Program at no cost.

Sponsors are funding scholarships for Cyber Teacher professional learning to address the nation's cyber skills gap and help teachers prepare their students for opportunities in this fast-growing area of our economy.

"Improving Australia's pipeline of qualified cyber security graduates starts by equipping and empowering every teacher in the country in the fundamentals of cyber security. The Cyber Teacher Certificate Program is an excellent way for teachers in Computer Science, ITE and many other programs to begin that journey. This highly-relevant Cyber Teacher professional learning program enables teachers to prepare students to succeed in today's cyber security-based job market."

George Heron Executive VP Cyber Education, LifeJourney

Solving the Cyber Skills Gap

Cisco forecasts that there will be over one million unfilled cyber security positions globally available in 2017. This problem extends to Australia as most organisations do not have the people or systems to continuously monitor extended networks and detect infiltrations.

Demand for cyber security professionals is growing 12 times faster than the overall job market and more than three times faster than IT jobs, according to a study by analytics firm Burning Glass International. The need for cyber skills and talent is critical for our nation. With recent breaches at Sony, Target and other organisations, cyber security is no longer only a government problem - it is a societal threat.

Student Interest In Cyber Security Is Surging - Support It

Did you know 1 in 4 millennials is interested in a career in cyber security? This was a key finding on millennials' career aspirations recently published in statistical survey research commissioned by Raytheon. In addition, millennials' interest in working in cyber security has surged 40% compared to just one year ago.

Cyber Security excites your students. They want to understand what cyber attacks are and how to combat them. They want to learn and discuss what cyber situations occur within companies and government agencies. Unfortunately, millennials report that their exposure to cyber in school has been poor. 64% say their educational institution did not offer programs that would allow them to explore their interest or learn more about cyber, according to the Raytheon- sponsored study. Now you can change that for the better.

Advance Your Career - Be the First Teacher at Your School to Teach Cyber Security

Now you can lead the initiative to launch cyber security at your school. By gaining mastery in teaching cyber security in the classroom, you distinguish yourself and your school in a pioneering way that can win well-deserved recognition and career advancement for you and accolades for your school. This is especially true if you have your students participate in cyber competitions. Getting started is easy with the Cyber Teacher Certificate Program.

Whether you teach Science, Mathematics, Information Technology, Design, Engineering, Language, or Economics, cyber is relevant to your students and your specialisation.

For Your School, for Your Community, for Australia

When you increase the relevance and currency of Computer Science, Maths, language and other cyber-related programs in your school by teaching the principles of cyber security, you help your school, your community and your nation. Australia benefits from an enhanced ability to address the cyber skills crisis. Your community benefits from economic development. Increasing the pool of young adults on track to become cyber professionals is attractive to industry. Exposing students to in-demand, high-paying cyber career paths increases opportunity for all students.

The Most Relevant Program to Enable the Cyber Generation

Cyber Teacher is the first and only cyber security professional learning credential for educators created expressly to help teachers like you fill the cyber skills gap.